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Fabletics, SavageX, and JustFab see boosts with Pattern89

TechStyle brands Fabletics, SavageX, and JustFab

TechStyle brands see creative boosts with Pattern89. Roles across companies benefit.

TechStyle’s apparel brands– JustFab, Fabletics and Savage X– have been using Pattern89’s Planner to learn more about macro and micro trends that are driving sales from their ads.

When starting with the Pattern89 Planner, these brands were looking to:

  • Discover what creative trends are influencing ad success across brands
  • Take analytical deep dives into specific ad sets
  • Analyze audience segments to determine both broad and granular creative elements that drive customers through the funnel
  • Employ the platform across creative and marketing roles

Being able to learn about ad trends, both specifically and broadly, is important to TechStyle. Planner’s flexibility allowed each of their many users the ability to dive deep, stay broad and refine criteria with a click of a button.

While TechStyle already used extensive naming conventions to dimensionalize and identify trends in their creative, Planner helped them go deeper than they thought possible. It quickly unlocked new insights that boosted ad performance.

While employing the platform on their Facebook and Instagram ads, a variety of TechStyle employees ended up using Pattern89 in their work. Designers, brand marketing managers, social campaign managers and media buyers all found ways Pattern89’s creative and technical insights could benefit their roles.