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FinishLine unlocks brand creative secrets with Pattern89

Scott Hamlin, VP of Marketing FinishLine

The Goal

This brand wanted to learn if they could optimize Facebook ads for athletic apparel retailers creative for conversion.

The Pattern89 Solution

Our AI analyzed several experimental campaigns, focusing on different goals every month. The AI analyzed over 2,400 creative dimensions of every Facebook ads for athletic apparel retailers to gain insights on what could boost conversion ad performance.

A few questions it was seeking to answer were:

  • Do different types of creative resonate differently with mensware and womensware audiences?
  • How does channel placement affect efficiency metrics like CPM, CPC and ROAS?
  • What ad formats perform best?
  • How can interest targeting be best used to affect performance metrics?

The Results 

After implementing Pattern89’s AI to analyze their ads, FinishLine learned:

  • What channels were performing best for their audiences
  • What ad formants were performing best in a variety of campaigns
  • How to better match creative with audience targeting and campaign objective for get maximized returns
  • How to maximize interest targeting to increase reach

The Customer’s Take on AI for Digital Ads

“Pattern89 has helped us accomplish a very difficult task: discovering the combination of creative, audience and channel placements that are optimal for specific products and categories. The paid social ecosystem is complex and this AI platform helped us find trends and patterns that were hidden in a mountain of data.” – Scott Hamlin, VP of Marketing at Finish Line

If you’d like to see results like these in your Facebook ads, get your free 7-day trial of Pattern89 here.