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Lauren James Preps Up Facebook and Instagram Ads

The Goal

Online women’s clothing retailer Lauren James was looking for ways to blend technical and creative ad insights to see higher returns on their paid fashion retail marketing campaigns.

The Pattern89 Solution

Pattern89’s AI engine was able to comparatively analyze the advertiser data in Lauren James’ fashion retail marketing against data from the brand itself. They were looking to discover:

  • Which ads are best to focus more budget on?
  • What emojis are leading to better engagement with their target audiences?
  • Are specific colors in fashion photography more attractive?
  • How does text overlaying their imagery change audience engagement?

The Results

As a result, Lauren James learned:

  • The most effective ways to allocate advertising budget, and which specific ads would lead to better returns from modifying their spending.
  • Which emojis they need to include in ads to see higher engagement.
  • How different colors in their fashion photography effect audience behaviors, and which specific colors they need to use during the different fashion seasons.
  • What text on imagery to include and avoid to see higher ad returns.

The Customer’s Take on AI for Digital Ads

“Pattern89’s AI provided insights into our creative that we wouldn’t have otherwise found. Using AI to tell us exactly what colors, copy, and more will truly connect with our shoppers is very exciting.” – Lance Stokes, the President of Lauren James.

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