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Lids Tips Its Hat to the Next Wave of Marketing: Creative AI


Global hat and athletic apparel retailer Lids wanted to see if Pattern89’s online retail AI could simulate creative performance before ad campaigns ran. Pattern89’s latest innovations allow marketers to predict how differences in creative content will affect ad performance, before an ad ever runs.

The Pattern89 Solution: online retail AI to Predict Performance

After connecting with Pattern89’s AI, its Creative Simulator was able to predict what ad elements would provide the highest returns for Lids. The AI analyzed thousands of creative dimensions of every ad– including video length and contents, photography details, copy length, word use, and more– to discover what would drive performance and meet their goals.

Lids decided to test these creative predictions during a peak season for a national athletic league. They tested predictions for two different professional teams. They were looking to determine:

  • Will AI make the right creative predictions to get ads more clicks and conversions?
  • Can AI make the right creative predictions for two different teams in the same league?
  • Can Pattern89’s online retail AI save money during a season when competition between athletic apparel retailers is at its highest.
  • Before the campaigns began, Pattern89’s AI analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of Lids’ digital ads, as well as billions of other advertiser data points. It made predictions on how Lids could build the best ads for their two separate campaigns, using AI’s creative foresight.

The Results: Money Saved, Across the Board

Lids ran their ads during the last week of a professional sports league’s season, when competition was highest. Over the course of this campaign, they saw:

  • CPM for Team 1 decreased 51%.
  • CPM for Team 2 decreased 49%.
  • The CPM for the entire league decreased 8.5%.
  • Both ad campaigns saw an increase in returns and sales, as a direct result of AI.
  • All of these improvements happened during one of the most competitive times for athletic apparel retailers, giving Lids an advantage over their competition.

The Lids Takeaway: Creative Predictions Work

Pattern89’s predictive AI discovered cost-saving insights into Lids’ ad creative, at one of the most competitive times of their year. It accurately predicted what creative elements– copy, imagery and CTA– would deliver top performance for different sports teams. With an accuracy beyond what marketers can predict themselves, the AI lowered costs and gave Lids an advantage over their competitors.

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