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M3Traffic Drives Conversions Directly from Facebook Ads


M3Traffic focuses on helping their customers attract new customers through Facebook.

By predicting creative performance and optimizing ads, M3Traffic wanted to see if they could drive conversions and revenue through social ads. Pattern89’s artificial intelligence and Facebook ad automation platform was a great fit to meet these goals. 

The Pattern89 AI Solution

In just a few clicks, M3Traffic was able to predict winning creative, before client campaigns began. They were also able to keep those campaigns optimized while in-flight.

When implementing Pattern89, M3Traffic was looking lift clients’ advertising performance by:

  • Predicting what creative will resonate with their audiences
  • Keeping their current campaigns at peak performance 
  • Driving more purchases for client accounts

With these goals in mind, Pattern89 analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every M3Traffic client ad, alongside billions of other advertiser data points. This analysis helped the AI understand what trends and patterns in data would drive performance for their various brands.

The Results

Backed by data-driven insights, M3Traffic saw results, across the board.

Once M3Traffic began using Pattern89, their clients saw great results:

  • Delivered 75% lower CPR (Purchase) by launching top predicted creatives through Pattern89 Predict
  • Maximized value of in-flight creative assets by completing data-driven alerts each day — driving 21% increase in conversion volume alongside 18% decrease in cost per result

The M3Traffic Takeaway

For M3Traffic’s clients, Pattern89 was able to predict their top-performing creative, and keep ads optimized while running.

If you want to see how AI will predict creative performance and drive results, schedule a platform review.