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Marketing Agency Predicts Top Creative for Future Campaigns

ad-flex communications

ad-flex communications is a marketing agency that trusts in artificial intelligence to deliver results for their clients.

The ad-flex team depends on Pattern89’s AI to deliver results at every stage of their clients’ campaign life cycles. By using all three of Pattern89’s solutions– Analyze, Predict and Optimize– ad-flex improves campaign reach and engagement, all while lowering costs. 

The Pattern89 AI Solution

While ad-flex has been using Pattern89’s marketing AI for over a year, they agreed to share their results in a case study taking place over the course of two weeks. For this A/B test, they ran one campaign without Pattern89’s assistance, and another using its full capabilities. 

In just a few clicks a day, ad-flex was able to:

  • Analyze what had worked for their campaigns, with in-depth analytics of historic data.
  • Predict winning campaign creative, before launching ads. 
  • Optimize ads in just a click, with real-time, highly-accurate alerts.

Every day during this two-week test period, Pattern89 has analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every ad, alongside billions of other advertiser data points. This analysis helped the AI understand what trends and patterns in data would drive campaign performance.

The Results

Backed by data-driven insights, ad-flex communications saw dramatically better results for the campaign that utilized Pattern89. 

Throughout the two-week A/B test, the campaign assisted by Pattern89 saw: 

  • 81% lower Costs per Result
  • 439% higher conversion volume with equal spend
  • 11% more impressions

The ad-flex communications Takeaway

Marketing agency campaigns that use Pattern89’s data-driven insights will outperform those that do not. By analyzing historic ad data, predicting winning creative, and optimizing in-flight campaigns, the ad-flex team spends just minutes a day in the Pattern89 platform, and delivers excellent results to their clients.

If you want to see how AI will predict future creative performance and drive results, schedule a platform review.