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Newton Baby Boosts ROI and Revenue with Pattern89’s AI

Newton Baby

The Goal

Newton Baby was looking for ways to increase returns and lower costs on their Facebook and Instagram kids’ clothing ads. They were wanting to expand reach and target audiences more effectively by ages and interests.

The Pattern89 Solution

Pattern89’s AI set up custom ad set groupings to deliver maximum results during Newton Baby’s pilot of the platform. It analyzed lookalike audiences, audience ages, and ad placement to determine what ad set modifications would result in the highest returns for the brand. After completing a deep analysis of Newton Baby’s ads, along with billions of data points in its own advertiser data set, Pattern89 was able to increase engagement while lowering costs.

The Results

After implementing AI to optimize their ads, Newton Baby saw:

  • ROAS increase 15%
  • Revenue increase 61%
  • CPR decrease 15%
  • New and effective ways to target demographics and audiences that would engage the most with their ads.

The Takeaway

Throughout their pilot, Newton Baby remained active and engaged with their Pattern89 account. After updating their kids’ clothing ads sets to reflect the alerts Pattern89 indicated, the Newton Baby team was able to increase results and reach, just as they were looking to do.

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