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RumbleOn Reduces CPAs 70% With Pattern89’s Marketing AI


RumbleOn is an online auto dealer, where customers can purchase cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. They were looking to increase the effectiveness of their digital advertising quickly and inexpensively, so they chose to implement Pattern89’s AI for Facebook ads.

The Pattern89 Solution

When using AI to boost advertising ROI, RumbleOn was hoping to answer the following questions: 

  • What recommendations in online auto dealer audience targeting will AI discover, so underperforming ads can drive higher ROI? 
  • Can AI give their brand a clear picture of what creative will perform best?
  • Will AI be able to increase conversions, while still saving their team money?

Pattern89 quickly helped RumbleOn answer these questions. The platform analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every ad, and compared those dimensions to billions of other advertiser data points. On a daily basis, Pattern89 used this extensive data analysis to surface adjustments that needed to be made to RumbleOn’s ads and targeting. 

The Results

After four months of using Pattern89’s AI, RumbleOn saw dramatic, positive results.

  • Pattern89 reduced their accounts’ CPAs an average of 70%.
  • Hundreds of incremental conversions took place, thanks to in-flight optimizations on creative, budget, audience targeting and ad placement surfaced each day by Pattern89 AI. Pattern89 completed these updates for RumbleOn in one click.
  • Insights on top-performing brand creative were discovered– including image and video content, copy, color schemes, CTA and ad formats. These insights informed future campaigns’ creative decisions.

The Takeaway

The insights Pattern89 discovered provided the quick and effective ROI boost RumbleOn was looking for. If you want to see how AI will improve your Facebook and Instagram ads, get a free Creative Assessment.