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Docket Increases Lead Volume 22% with Pattern89


Docket is a platform that makes meetings awesome. Pattern89’s marketing platform made their digital ad returns awesome too.

Pattern89 Optimizes Social Ads Daily

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram has paid off in a big way for Docket. Through these mediums, they’ve been able to connect with potential users and business leads.

Since May 2020, Docket has been using Pattern89’s artificial intelligence based marketing platform. In only a few clicks a day, Docket’s marketing team is able to analyze what’s working for their ads and optimize under-performing ads in a click.

Pattern89’s implementation has directly increased their lead volume 22% in just a few weeks.

Predict Your Winning Digital Ad Creative

Pattern89’s advertising agency AI helps teams:

  • Analyze what has worked – Teams can view a lifetime Facebook ad analytics, and generate meeting-ready reports, in a click.
  • Predict what will work – Marketers can have confidence in what will work for upcoming campaigns, with highly accurate creative predictions. It predicts winning digital ad creative, before campaigns begin.
  • Optimize in-flight ads – Teams receive daily alerts to their inboxes. They can go live with targeting and placement optimizations, in just a click.

If you want to see how Pattern89 can reduce marketing waste and predict performance for your brands, schedule your platform demo.