Vaxed, waxed and having the best summer ever! ☀️ Get hundreds of summer marketing trends in the Creative Forecast. and iProspect: B2C Facebook Ads See Clear Results with AI, iProspet

Raising ROI with the help of AI

While working with Pattern89’s AI platform, iProspect was able to improve its B2C Facebook ads returns for Because they implemented data-backed ad modifications the AI reported, saw profitable results in two weeks.

  • 15% ROAS increase
  • 13% CPR decrease
  • 270 incremental purchases

Happy Eyes. Happy Wallet. is an online retailer specializing in selling eyewear. It focuses on offering great values on reading glasses, a large selection of glasses to choose from and excellent customer service.

Increase Engagement and Reduce Budget

iProspect and were looking to more effectively target and market to their audiences, while lowering costs and enhancing creative.

“The Pattern89 AI was able to help our agency pin-point exactly how to modify our audience targeting and ad creative. We implemented the adjustments the AI alerted us of, and saw our reach and engagement grow.”

Audience Targeting and Budget Optimization

iProspect connected’s Facebook and Instagram ad accounts to Pattern89’s AI software. Shortly after the account connection, the AI began to analyze thousands of data points for each of’s ads, and compare them to billions of data points in similar retail industries. After the data analysis, Pattern89 determined what updates should be made to’s social ads, in order to see increased engagement and ROI, as well as to eliminate wasted spend.

Over the course of two weeks, iProspect’s implementation of Pattern89 helped their team effectively target audiences, manage budgets and understand what creative ad elements would drive the highest returns. It ended up saving their team money by decreasing CPR, and driving hundreds of additional product purchases. 

Products Used

  • Ads
  • Audience Insights
  • Custom Audiences
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pattern89 AI


  • Drive Online Sales
  • Accelerate Learning through Creative & Audience Testing

Increased Revenue. Lowered Costs.

After MustSix implemented Pattern89’s AI for B2C Facebook ads, enhanced audience targeting, boosted creative and increased ROI.

In just two weeks, they saw:

  • 15% ROAS increase
  • 13% CPR decrease
  • 270 incremental purchases

Use AI to Get the Best Results

Because Pattern89’s AI analyzes billions of advertiser data points on a daily basis, it was able to determine what ad modifications would benefit the brand ads the most.

Data Science to Boost Creative

Along with using AI to deliver audience targeting and budget optimizing insights, iProspect deployed Pattern89’s Creative Planner to deliver insights on ads’ looks, copy, content and more. This also increased engagement, leading to the results received.

If you’d like to see what Pattern89’s AI can do for your ads, get a free Creative Assessment.