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Pet retail marketing: 4Knines triples spend volume with AI


Online pet goods retailer, 4Knines wanted to see if Pattern89’s AI could improve performance on their current creative. Pattern89’s Ad Extender allowed their pet retail marketing to be predicted from existing creative elements that later maximized campaign performance.

The Pattern89 AI Solution

By connecting 4Knines with Pattern89’s Ad Extender, its marketing AI determined exact specs for 10 new ads predicted to outperform their current campaigns. These specs were built into a creative brief that allowed 4Knines to see and understand what elements would help their next campaigns outperform the last.  

With these marketing insights, 4Knines was looking to:

  • Reduce costs of social ad campaigns
  • Improve campaign performance 
  • Increase spend volume

Having these goals in mind, Pattern89 began discovering how to achieve them. It analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every 4Knines ads and compared those dimensions to billions of other advertiser data points. This analysis helped the AI understand what trends and patterns in data drive performance.

The Results

With a data-driven creative brief, 4Knines was able to implement their new AI-backed creative direction. With Pattern89’s Ad Extender 4Knines saw:

  • 51% lower CPA
  • 36% higher ROAS
  • 3x spend volume

“We see the value of Pattern89 and how it can help increase ROAS by predicting what creative will perform best and then help optimize in-flight to maximize performance,” said Jim Umlauf, 4Knines CEO. 

The 4Knines Takeaway

Pattern89’s Ad Extender predicted successful future campaigns that resulted in improved performance for pet retail marketing across key metrics. Plus, with its in-depth analysis of billions of data points, the AI detected trends beyond what the human eye can find.

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