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SnapShyft’s Ad Conversions Skyrocket with Pattern89


SnapShyft connects businesses with vetted and experienced workers on demand. 

They decided to entrust Pattern89’s marketing AI to optimize in-flight campaigns and drive conversions. By using Pattern89’s artificial intelligence to analyze ad creative and audience engagement, SnapShyft was able to drive more conversions in just a few minutes a day.

The Pattern89 AI Solution

By connecting with the Pattern89 platform, SnapShyft’s marketing team was able to quickly integrate it into their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. In just a few clicks, their marketing team was able to analyze their historic ad data set. They could also implement targeting and spend optimizations in a click. 

When implementing Pattern89, Snapshyft was looking to:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Drive more conversions, even in our “new normal”

Having these goals in mind, Pattern89 began discovering how to achieve them. It analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every SnapShyft ad and compared those dimensions to billions of other advertiser data points. This analysis helped the AI understand what trends and patterns in data would drive performance for their brand.

The Results

Backed by data-driven insights, SnapShyft was able to reach their social ad goals. They deployed Pattern89 Analyze and Optimize on their campaigns. 

From the beginning of June to the end of September, SnapShyft saw: 

  • 75% of new add-to-carts driven by Pattern89
  • 96% of new checkout initiations driven by Pattern89 

Both of these successes were the result of spending only 3 minutes a day in the Pattern89 Platform, thanks to its innovations such as the Do This For Me Button.

The SnapShyft Takeaway

“Pattern89 was able to pin-point the best ad optimizations to achieve SnapShyft’s goals for our Facebook and Instagram ads,” said Thor Wood, Founder & CEO of SnapShyft. “What’s most impressive is the speed we could iterate on our creatives to drive significantly more conversions while optimizing our ad spend for top performing ads.”

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