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The EHL Group cuts ad costs 25% with Pattern89 Predict

The EHL Group

The EHL Group is a leader in education, applied research and innovation for the future of the hospitality and service industry. 

While growing their Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts, EHL wanted to see if they could determine their best advertising creative, before campaigns began. By using Pattern89’s artificial intelligence to predict their ad creative performance, EHL was able to drive conversions at lower costs.

The Pattern89 AI Solution

By connecting with the Pattern89 platform, EHL’s marketing team was able to quickly integrate Pattern89 Predict into their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. In just a few clicks, their marketing team was able to test thousands of combinations of creative ad elements– including headlines, CTAs and imagery– to predict what would decrease spend and drive conversions.

When implementing Pattern89, EHL was looking to:

  • Predict what creative will drive conversions
  • Improve campaign performance 
  • Lower campaign costs

Having these goals in mind, Pattern89 began discovering how to achieve them. It analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every EHL ad and compared those dimensions to billions of other advertiser data points. This analysis helped the AI understand what trends and patterns in data would drive performance for their brand.

The Results

Backed by data-driven insights, EHL was able to reach their social ad goals. They deployed Pattern89 Predict on their key campaigns. They ran Pattern89-influenced ads in parallel with standard existing ads, as a test. 

Across July and August, EHL saw the following:

  • Ads using Pattern89 Predict cost an average of 25% less per result, in comparison to ads that didn’t use Pattern89.

The EHL Takeaway

Pattern89 was able to pin-point the top-performing creative combinations for EHL’s Facebook and Instagram ads, before campaigns began. From its in-depth analysis of billions of creative data points, Pattern89’s AI detected trends beyond what the human eye can find.

If you want to see how AI will predict creative performance and drive results, schedule a platform review.