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Digital Marketing Manager: How Will AI Change Your Job?

Bridget Johnston April 14, 2021

Here’s some good news for your digital marketing manager: Artificial intelligence won’t take their job. And here’s some even better news: A.I. will make thier job easier.  And the best...

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Product Updates Archives | Pattern89

April 1, 2021

49,000 Chances to Make the Right Creative Decision

Bridget Johnston

Think of all the creative components of a digital ad.  It’ll contain imagery or a video, headline copy, body copy and a CTA.  Go a level deeper, and you’ll start...

March 29, 2021

How to Always Be Right.

Bridget Johnston

You could always be right. You could only make the best decisions. How is this possible? With Pattern89’s latest Q1 Product Release, you can understand “the why” behind your creative...

March 25, 2021

Your Time Is Too Valuable. Don’t Spend It On A/B Tests.

Bridget Johnston

A/B tests have long been the standard for determining top-performing creative.  But SHOULD they be?  It’s 2021, and as of today, artificial intelligence can predict creative performance before a marketing...

March 15, 2021

Pattern89’s API: Creative AI for Marketers

Bridget Johnston

With increasing privacy restrictions, and decreasing targeting capabilities, marketing creative is more important than ever.  How can you ensure you get your– or your clients’ creative– perfect every time?  Artificial...

March 3, 2021

What Can Really Happen in One Second?

Bridget Johnston

The latest release to our artificial intelligence marketing platform lets users update ad targeting, spend and creative in just a click.  This means that your in-flight ads will be optimized...

February 16, 2021

The Marketing Cheat Codes

Bridget Johnston

Marketing is no longer dependent on educated guesses or A/B tests.  By blending our natural creativity with insights found within our advertising data, artificial intelligence gives us a cheat code...