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Cheers to 2019!

R.J. Talyor January 3, 2019

It’s time to reflect on the past year, and prioritize for the next. Here are my 10 Bests from 2018…and a prediction for 2019.

Best Book I Read: Educated by Tara Westover. It’s like a Netflix binge, but reading. I plowed through this book in two days. Highly recommend.

Best Work Trip: Spending the week meeting with ecommerce leaders in New York City was only topped by a visit to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, where I was interviewed on Cheddar. Whoa!

Best Marketing Tradeshow: The “speed dating” format of Shoptalk in Las Vegas presented opportunities to have “real” conversations with smart digital marketers from across the globe. See you at Shoptalk this March?

Best Thing I (we) Cooked: A group of friends and I made this Chilean Sea Bass recipe. The fish alone was pricey, so I fretted about overcooking it, or worse. But we nailed it. Yum.

Best New Life Hack: Taking the bus to and from work provides 30 minutes of reading time. Plus I save on downtown parking (and/or parking tickets when my meter expires). A win-win.

Best Work Accomplishment: Pattern89 launched two new products in 2018: the Pattern89 Console and the Planner. Both were built alongside our customers to help ecommerce retailers and other marketers learn what works (and what doesn’t) across paid social ads. It’s buzz-free AI, and it helps our customers see double-digit improvement. You can try it out risk-free, and for free here.

Best Family Trip: Our sons love animals, so an overnight in Chicago spanning both the Lincoln Park Zoo (perfect weather!) and the Shedd Aquarium tops my list. Of all of the amazing animal species they saw on the trip, my boys continue to reminisce about the camels. Hmm.

Best AI-Driven Facts: Marketers see better performances with ads featuring beards, eyeglasses, emojis and bathtubs. Video ads with meatballs generated 38:1 ROAS. Our AI discovers creative direction humans can’t, and it helps make humans smarter! Get our full report on 2018’s greatest hits here.

Best Obligatory Work Event: Worksgiving. Our VP of Marketing suggested having everyone on the team bring in a dish that was special to them or their family for the holidays. I learned so much about our team through their food. We have an amazing team.  

Best Personal Memory: After the kids were in bed, my wife and I happened to be outside and observe the Perseid meteor shower on a clear August night–something I’ll remember forever.

And my Best Prediction for 2019: Creativity wins in 2019. Data-driven marketers have optimized for channel, platform, audience, placement…every vector other than creative. For ecommerce brands to stand apart from their competition online, marketers will embrace AI-driven tools that marry data with creativity. And yes, we can help with that. 🙂

Cheers to 2019!