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Clean up those ads… with a touch of AI!

Bridget Johnston February 28, 2019

Are your ads underperforming?

Does the Facebook Ads Manager have you down in the dumps?

Is your boss getting angrier by the minute at your team’s ad performance?

Paid social AI

But first, let’s clean out those old ad strategies.

Advertising today is a whole new game, especially when running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Advertisers can no longer…

Say “set it and forget it.”

Rely on gut feelings to make creative decisions.

  • This might have worked for Don Draper, but it won’t work for you. We now have data to tell us what we need to do.
  • Take a look at our webinar with Ogilvy, 2019’s Marketing Forecast, to see how you can use machine learning to help inform your creative.
  • You can also determine the ad creative that will yield you the best returns, with the Pattern89 Planner.

Focus solely on creating and maintaining conversion ads.

  • People need to know about your product before they decide they can’t live without it.
  • Check out our Anatomy of a Social Ad Report to see how you can build a full and healthy funnel.

You know that advertising is the fastest-paced it’s ever been, and the old methods of the industry just won’t cut it.

But fear not! We have some strategic suggestions, and data-backed insights, to help you succeed!

insights from data science

Now it’s time to incorporate some new strategies for your success.

To get your ads in the best shape possible, and keep pace with your competition, you need to:

  • Identify and throw out those old and underperforming ad sets.
    • You don’t need ‘em! Why keep ‘em?
    • You might find some ads aren’t performing well. If they’re performing poorly, take them out of rotation. Examine your CPC and CTR.
  • Use data to determine creative and strategic decisions.
  • Create a balanced full-funnel approach to advertising, and run awareness, consideration and conversion campaigns.
  • Optimize your ads daily.
    • Customer practices and demands are always changing. Your ads should keep up!

How can you boost your Facebook ads?

We’re glad you asked! To give you a taste of what a clean and optimized ad account can look like, we’re giving you a FREE look at the hottest, freshest data AI can offer. 

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Top performing content in Facebook and Instagram ads

And if you’d like to clean up that ad account even more, consider adding the whole slew of benefits Pattern89’s AI can offer into your advertising strategy. It’ll help you more effectively target your audiences, optimize your spend and enhance your creative. 

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