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Watch Now: Creative Thinking and Computer Vision Class

Bridget Johnston June 3, 2021

Indiana University’s Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering partnered with Pattern89 to host a class to teach marketers the basics of artificial intelligence. 

“AI 101: Creative Thinking and Computer Vision” brought together both worlds where marketers work– the highly creative and the highly technical. 

You can watch the full class here and read its summary below. 


Computer Vision: How Can It Help Us Understand Our World? 

Dr. David Crandall of Indiana University took attendees on a deep dive into AI. He specifically covered how computers see and understand the world. In the class, he discussed: 

  • How do machines actually see and interpret what’s seen? And how accurate are those interpretations?
  • Can machines help us have a better understanding of our world? 
  • What tasks are people better at than machines, and vice versa? How can these skill sets be combined? 

Through a series of visual explainers, Dr. Crandall showed just how much data machines need to process in order to see, understand and analyze imagery. He explained how research like his at The IU Computer Vision Lab investigates and develops advanced statistical and machine learning techniques for automatically analyzing, understanding, and organizing visual information. 

Creative Marketing AI: How Can It Help Us Create Better Work? 

Because creative accounts for 50-70% of an ad’s performance, Pattern89’s main objective is to predict creative performance for future marketing campaigns.

Pattern89 uses computer vision, just like what Dr. Crandall studies, to help its customers predict what creative decisions will lead to their top-performing campaigns. 

By analyzing over 500 billion data points, across 11 years of cross-channel digital marketing data, Pattern89 is over 95% accurate in predicting any brand’s top-performing: 

  • Imagery: What objects, settings, facial expressions and more will drive conversions? 
  • Video Content: How should you creative direct videos? Pattern89 tracks scene changes, video components, length and more.
  • Color Combinations: How do different shades and tones impact engagement? 
  • Emojis: Everything from character counts to using particular emojis impacts performance. 

Pattern89’s AI is a perfect example of how cutting-edge technology should be paired with creative thinkers, in order to produce more effective and impactful content.

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