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Consideration Campaign Creative Brief: July 2020

Maureen Reilly July 7, 2020

As marketers, we know that consumer preferences and behaviors change at each stage of the marketing funnel. Especially in today’s world, consumer interests are changing more quickly than ever before. 

With the pressure to keep up, Pattern89’s artificial intelligence makes understanding consumers easy by analyzing and interpreting data to determine what creative ad elements are trending at any moment.

Our latest Creative Trends Report reflects just that. Our artificial intelligence was able to determine what’s trending up and down for ad creative at every stage of the funnel. Check out what’s working for consideration campaigns.

What’s trending for consideration campaign creative?

At the second level of the marketing funnel, Pattern89 Predict has determined what ad creative will perform best. With these insights, marketers know what creative will pay off for their campaigns, before they even begin. And beyond that, Pattern89 is making predictions for specific campaign objectives.

Download July’s Consideration Campaign Creative Brief.

Marketing Consideration Campaigns Creative Brief

The following insights are significantly different in consideration campaigns, as compared to brand awareness campaigns:

  • Single image ads are out-performing carousel ads.
  • Pets and animals are trending for videos in the consideration stage.
  • Shorter headlines that ask questions are optimal. 
  • Body text should be longer than what’s recommended for awareness campaigns, but not too long!

If you’d like to see insights from other stages of the funnel, you can download the full Creative Trends Report.

Your brand is unique—find what works best for YOU.

While these trends outlined above cover all industries, your brand and your industry have their own unique creative trends. Want to learn more about them? Sign up for a free platform review and see Pattern89 in action with your own data.