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Conversion Campaign Creative: What’s Winning Right Now?

Bridget Johnston December 14, 2020

Someone’s about to become a customer… Or at least, you hope so. 

What’s the best conversion campaign creative right now? What will get them to click that button and make that purchase? 

With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Pattern89 is able to determine just that. It analyzes billions of Facebook and Instagram advertiser data points every day, in order to find statistically significant trends and outlying data points that will help your ads succeed.

It will help you determine what works specifically for your brand, and throughout your marketing funnel. Here’s a look at the creative it’s determined to embrace, and avoid, as we begin 2021.

Get Your Conversion Campaign Creative to Work

Artificial intelligence will predict your top-performing ad creative, before campaigns begin. And beyond that, it can make predictions for specific campaign objectives, across a variety of industries.

To get 10+ pages detailing what will trend, both up and down, throughout marketing funnels next year, download The 2021 Creative Forecast. Here’s a look at what will trend for campaigns at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Conversion Campaign Creative Trends for 2021

Conversion Campaign Creative Trends for 2021

Current events continue to influence trending creative. Our report found these influenced out most recent trends:

  • The beginning of the holiday season
  • Socially distant shopping/online shopping
  • Fluctuations in coronavirus-related restrictions
  • Finding ways to exercise and relax at home

What Will Drive Conversions for Your Brand?

While these trends outlined above cover all industries, your brand has its own unique creative trends for the bottom of your funnel. Discover the creative decisions that will pay off for you in a platform review. During this demo, you’ll talk with a Pattern89 product expert and see the full Pattern89 platform working with your brand’s data. 

Schedule your platform review now.