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Covid-19 Ad Creative: It Was a Protein-Packed, Indoor Easter

Bridget Johnston April 13, 2020

2020’s Covid-19 pandemic brought us a different kind of Easter experience, and Facebook ad creative was different too.

Pattern89’s social media ad AI analyzed advertising from 2019’s and 2020’s Easter season to see how coronavirus’ cultural impact affected ad creative. If you’d like to get a custom look at your Spring ad performance, and beyond, get your free ad audit here.

Advertisers stayed away from unhealthy food and drink.

Quarantined life has many people taking new, different approaches to health and nutrition. AI found that Facebook ads showing images of candy fell 100% from 2019.

Along with that, the popularity of imagery depicting alcohol dropped 62% this year.

Copywriting was affected too. Cost per click (CPC) of the word “healthy” rose 30% from 2019’s Easter season. CPC for the word “protein” rose 312% from 2019 to 2020, and using the word “eggs” rose 409% in popularity. 

Advertisers leaned into supportive messaging.

The world united by staying inside during the Easter holiday, and ads reflected that. 

In terms of copy, ads with the word “celebration” fell 97% in popularity. Copywriting discussing outdoor activities dropped 76% in 2020, and using the word “flowers” fell 93%. 

Our AI was able to determine some outliers, however. In comparison to 2019, 2020’s Easter season saw a 175% increase in popularity for the word “colorful.” 

Although on average, CPC for advertising copy is 39% lower than it was this time in 2019, costs for some inspirational words have skyrocketed. 

CPC of ads containing the word “united” is 432% higher than it was one year ago. Ads containing the word “kind” have a 98% higher CPC in 2020. “Understanding” rose 258%, when being measured across these same time periods.

The largest CPC increase we found was for the word “hero,” which is 1,239% higher now than it was in 2019.

Covid-19 ad creative still shows indoor activities.

Spring fever may have struck, but you still need to stay home. Ads on Facebook and Instagram insist you do!

As we’ve previously reported, depictions of indoor activities are remaining strong presences in social ads. Compared to this time in 2019, there are 1,458% more images depicting reading in ads, and 2,853% more ads showing iPhones. 

While family parties were cancelled, and party imagery CPC fell 81%, we did see some traditions carry on in the world of Facebook ads. 

Popularity of Easter basket imagery rose 68% from last year… And with that CPC of the word “hunt” rose 577% over the first 10 days of April 2020. 

This begs the question… Did your family have an indoor egg hunt?