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Covid-19 Ad Study: Today’s Home Goods Marketing Tips

Ellie Ball April 22, 2020

We’re all stuck at home right now, so there’s no better time to think about home decor. Are your home goods marketing efforts on the right track? 

Our latest AI report found that the popularity of certain rooms and furniture pieces are on the rise, while others are out.

Pattern89’s predictive analytics analyzed social ads from 2019’s and 2020’s Spring season to see how coronavirus’ social impact had affected Facebook ad creative.

Working from the sofa?

Working from home has become a new norm, and this is showing up in Facebook ads. Even though many of us don’t have home offices, building a home office isn’t on advertisers’ radars either. 

  • Image popularity of desks has dropped 14% from last year.
  • Imagery of chairs has fallen 25% in popularity.

It’s still early to tell if working from home is going to become a permanent norm for some of us. Data shows home goods advertisers aren’t expecting a need for home office furniture in the long run… for now.

Dining in doesn’t mean eating in the dining room.

Dining rooms have long been losing their popularity in our on-the-go-lives. Even with many of us stuck at home, they’re not getting any more use.

  • Imagery for dining rooms has fallen 95% from 2019.
  • Table imagery dropped 25% in popularity as well. 

But we’re not spending that time in front of the TV either.

  • Couch imagery has declined 21% in popularity.
  • TV imagery fell 83%.

Extra time at home isn’t giving us extra time for sleeping

Even though good sleep is very important right now, home goods advertisers aren’t focusing on getting any shut-eye.

  • Imagery of beds has dropped 48% from last year
  • Crib imagery fell 5% 

Despite this, all furniture imagery is up 2.45% from last year, perhaps recognizing the extra time we all are spending at home.

AI will help your home goods marketing.

Now that we’re spending more time at home and online, more consumer data is being created. The best way to understand that data is with AI. 

Artificial intelligence is effective in any industry, because it takes deep dives into your consumer data every day. No matter what’s happening in the world, taking an in-depth look data leads to better ad creative and connections with customers.

If you’d like to see how AI can help your ads in this uncertain time, you can get a free AI ad audit. It’ll help you discover custom creative insights your marketing needs.