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Pattern89’s API: Creative AI for Marketers

Bridget Johnston March 15, 2021

With increasing privacy restrictions, and decreasing targeting capabilities, marketing creative is more important than ever. 

How can you ensure you get your– or your clients’ creative– perfect every time? 

Artificial intelligence can predict creative performance before campaigns launch. It can also understand how granular pieces of creative impact campaign performance, across any industry, time frame or objective. 

These times feel stressful and uncertain to performance marketers. Embracing artificial intelligence is the best way to keep moving forward. 

As of today, AI is essential.

Here’s a look at how our latest Q1 Product Release is making AI more accessible than ever.

Creative Insights for Any Vertical

The big question on every marketing mind is: How will the removal of personalized ad targeting affect my metrics? How can we overcome these challenges, survive and thrive? 

Our answer is: Invest heavily in creative. 

Artificial intelligence makes it easier than ever to get access to– and ultimately understand– your rich creative marketing data. For every single digital marketing ad you have ever run, Pattern89’s API will study:

  • 49,000+ creative dimensions that impact performance– including imagery, video direction, copywriting parameters, colors, special placements, emojis and more.
  • 11 years of historic digital marketing data, across any industry.
  • A daily analysis of over 350 billion advertiser data points. This makes Pattern89’s proprietary data set the largest and most diverse available to marketers today. 

With this in-depth look at your content, you’ll always have the latest, most relevant creative direction to help achieve any campaign goal.

Understand Everything: Any Audience, Campaign or Time Frame

This wealth of data may seem overwhelming, but Pattern89 delivers it in a way that makes the most sense for you. The Pattern89 API allows users to : 

  • Pull results for ad placements, formats, funnel stages, audiences and dates.
  • Unlock lifetime analytics for every client’s digital marketing data.
  • Easily generate client-ready reports for any campaign or objective. 

Pattern89 will discover the most relevant creative insights for your clients’ campaigns, and make them easy to access and understand.

Marketing API: Integrate Into Your Product

Once your brand establishes a connection to Pattern89, its AI will begin analyzing all of your historic data on a daily basis. 

Its Analyze feature will report back thousands of creative insights, across campaigns, objectives and audiences. It also means you’ll be able to quickly and easily surface deep creative analytics and insights in your dashboards, platforms, or BI tools.

To unlock the full lifetime of creative performance for your brand, and brands you work with, schedule a Pattern89 demo. Within 30 minutes of talking with one of our product experts, you can learn how Pattern89’s predictive AI will work for you, and try it for your upcoming campaigns.