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The Danger of Not Leveraging AI and Data Science

Bridget Johnston August 23, 2018

Sometimes it might feel like planning your paid social strategy is the equivalent of living dangerously. Due to advancements in artificial intelligence and data science though, paid social strategy isn’t dangerous at all.

Using today’s tech to inform your marketing decisions isn’t just a helpful push in the right direction. It’s a necessity in ensuring your campaigns reach consumers effectively. If marketers don’t take advantage of these tools, they’ll be more susceptible to making mistakes or simply not seeing the best ad strategies possible.

In fact, AI and data science are so helpful, that not using them is living dangerously.

They give you funnel-specific insights and coaching tips.

The full-funnel approach to marketing has been proven as the most effective way to grab consumers’ attention and convert them into customers. Consumers at each stage of the funnel require different approaches in messaging and creative. Implementing feedback based on trends discovered by data science helps marketers pinpoint exactly what will be the most effective messages for consumers in each stage of the funnel.

Maintaining a healthy funnel is a big task, and AI is making it easier. With a coaching platform like Pattern89, marketers can monitor their funnel health and be alerted of ways to improve it. Marketers are given specific coaching actions on how they can enhance their ads’ creative elements, spending allocations and run times to get them better results.

AI can do the work you can’t fit into your schedule.

Humans certainly don’t have the time to consider all the data at their fingertips, and often, our judgement is cloudy from our own biases and inclinations. AI has the ability to analyze all possible data points quickly and objectively. While marketers are doing other things, this tech can read through millions of lines of code and make connections between what works, before neatly delivering strategic insights on actions to take.

You need to keep pace with everyone else.

If everyone else used data science and AI to make their marketing decisions, would you too?

Obviously, the answer for this question is a resounding, “yes!” How could you afford to say, “no?”

Implementing tools that provide insights into consumer behavior and ad effectiveness is the standard of today’s digital retail industry. With brands big and small using AI to take advantage of the data that’s available to them, nobody can afford to fall behind.

Without AI and data science, you’re not making as much as possible.

Why would you want to get a smaller return on your ad spend? Of course, you don’t want that. So why have it as your goal?

At the end of the day, it’s every marketer’s goal to get the highest returns possible. Implementing today’s tech into ad strategy truly puts this goal within reach for the first time. Meeting once-lofty conversion rates is now easier than ever and digital marketers are ceasing to live in a dangerous world of human error and decisions based on gut instincts. This is because they’re trusting in the dependable insights that AI and data science deliver.

If you’d like to get started on seeing what AI and data science can do for you, start your free trial of Pattern89.