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Data makes you a better creative. Yes, you read that correctly.

Bridget Johnston November 23, 2020

The golden ticket to your best-performing campaigns is out there. It’s your Facebook ad data.

So are you using it? 

Data science and artificial intelligence are providing insights into consumer behaviours and preferences in ways we’ve never seen before. These insights tell us what words people will read, what colors they will click on, and which CTAs will get audiences to convert. Access to these insights helps creative marketing teams know how to launch their best campaigns, before ads ever run. 

So how can you unlock the power of advertiser data in next year’s ads? 

Data makes us better creatives.

Question: How long would it take you to understand your brand’s historic Facebook data?
Answer: Your entire lifetime… and then some. 

That’s why marketing teams need to harness the power of AI right now, in order to have the best understanding of their own brand creative and their customer’s preferences. 

With billions of data points available to inform direction and keep ads at peak performance, marketers can: 

  • Understand the entirety of their historic ad data, and know what will and won’t pay off for future campaigns.
  • Predict what creative– including copy, colors, imagery and more– are expected to provide the highest returns for their audiences and objectives.
  • Keep in-flight ads performing well, by continuously monitoring and optimizing targeting and spend, based on consumer behaviors.

The wealth of data at every marketer’s fingertips is too much to process without AI’s assistance. Finding the right tools to manage ads will keep campaigns effective for longer.

Marketers must understand their data to reach their goals.

Industry leaders, like Aaron Vidas, the CEO and Founder of StrategyBox, are already relying on data-backed advertising insights in 2020. When asked about his expectations for marketing 2021, Vidas said:

“I predict 2021 will be more unpredictable than 2020, so marketers will be looking to data, predictability and ROI even more than before to bring some surety to an uncertain world.”

Knowing that Facebook ad creative goes stale after 10.4 days, marketers need to be proactive with updating creative and content more frequently. The best way to do this is to infuse AI into your creative production. Doing this ensures your team knows what’s going to work for them tomorrow, and it gives the ability to deploy new ad sets as quickly.

What’s the easiest way to get started? 

Combining your strongest marketing assets– your creative thinkers and AI-driven analytics– will make for your strongest campaigns yet. 

The easiest way to get started is by downloading The 2021 Creative Forecast. This powerful report packs 10+ pages of creative predictions that your brand can start using right away.