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Dear Abby: My marketing robot and I are fighting.

Bridget Johnston March 4, 2019

Failing to see eye-to-eye with your marketing robot? Not quite getting its purpose or its goals? Has your relationship tarnished over time?

Worry not! Our AI relationship experts are here to help resolve your issues.


Dear Abby:

My marketing robot and I are fighting. Pretty much every choice I make is second guessed. Whether it’s the creative I pick, or the audience—it accuses me of just “making it up.”

Doesn’t my intuition matter? I mean, I’m an expert (or I used to be?). I know this brand, and what customers expect from us. If I hear one more mention of Kruskal-Wallis or p-values, I’m going to scream.

– Second Guessed

Dear Second,

You’re not alone, and of course your intuition matters. It’s what separates empathetic brands from turning into The Borg.

Make sure to tell your marketing robot how you want to be treated, and where you’re willing compromise—and where you’re not.

How about you use the robot as a second set of validation for your decisions, instead? Defining boundaries will make sure that your brand stays unique while the marketing robot helps with the tedious stuff. Good luck!





Dear Abby,

I love my artificial intelligence when I’m at home, but now it’s following me to work. I mean, it knows my Netflix desires, and it’s so thoughtful about recipes and music when I ask.

But now it’s showing up unannounced at work, and trying to sabotage my job. Yesterday, my boss asked for the robot’s reports instead of mine. This isn’t what I wanted when we started out our relationship.  

– Smothered

Dear Smothered,

Ever have those dreams where you could fly? Or that you’re a super hero of some sort? Well, just like AI makes your personal life super, that same technology is trying to make you a hero at work.

Sure, it’s a little scary to hand over some of the spreadsheets and manual labor to the machine. But with additional time on your hands, you can work on those other projects that get you promoted.

One warning: don’t jump in headfirst into a relationship with AI; start small with a pilot, and your relationship will grow over time.  

Love, Abby