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Digital Marketing Manager: How Will AI Change Your Job?

Bridget Johnston April 14, 2021

Here’s some good news for your digital marketing manager: Artificial intelligence won’t take their job.

And here’s some even better news: A.I. will make thier job easier. 

And the best news? It’ll help reach quarterly metrics more easily than ever. 

Here’s how. 

You’ll Know the Best Creative Decisions to Make

When planning creative for upcoming campaigns, a digital marketing manager oversees it all. There are millions of decisions you can make for your ads, some of which include…

  • Which brand colors should I use? 
  • How many models should I cast for our shoot? Or should I cast any at all?
  • What should the campaign’s core messages and taglines be? 
  • How can we write succinct copy that actually gets clicks? 
  • Where do I allocate my ad spend, once creative is ready to go?
  • How long should I A/B test creative before I know which options are best? 

Now imagine not asking any of those questions. Imagine simply knowing the answers. 

Artificial intelligence gives the cheat codes to creative marketing. It predicts winning creative with over 95% accuracy. This means that, as your team’s marketing lead, you’ll start campaigns with the most effective plans in mind. 

Rather than looking at old creative to plan future campaigns, you’ll just know what to do. 

Instead of spending your team’s time, and your department’s budget, on A/B testing, you’ll know winning creative ahead of launch. 

Introducing artificial intelligence to your daily work and routine will free you up to work on other creative and project management endeavors. And because A.I. apps, like Pattern89’s latest release, can optimize campaigns in a click, your campaign goals will be easier to reach than ever.

A.I. isn’t scary. It’s here to help you. 

Thanks to its dependability, 83% of early A.I. adopters have already achieved substantial (30%) or moderate (53%) economic benefits. For marketing teams specifically, artificial intelligence can help marketing teams plan with their best creative in mind, optimize ads in a click, and save time and money by eliminating A/B testing. 

Go ahead and try it for your next campaign. Once the right marketing technology is assisting you, you won’t look back.