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“Do This For Me Button” Takes Marketing AI SaaS to the Next Frontier

Bridget Johnston June 11, 2019

Indianapolis, IN – June 11, 2019 – Pattern89, which offers an artificial intelligence platform to help marketers manage their paid digital advertising, has unveiled a new level of digital ad automation with the release of a “Do This For Me Button.” This feature will automatically implement previously manual optimizations that could take hours per week to complete. The button makes AI-backed updates to ad campaigns and ad-sets on Facebook, Instagram and later this year, Google.

By including this new feature in their AI console, Pattern89 is streamlining implementation and saving time for digital advertisers. The “Do This For Me Button” automatically executes daily alerts for customers that are derived from using a combination of counterfactual analysis and other data science techniques to maximize windows of opportunity that improve yield or overall ad performance. By finding patterns and trends in its advertiser data, Pattern89 surfaces the best enhancements for digital ads, and the “Do This For Me” release implements those enhancements with one click.

“The Do This For Me Button is so cool! I just used it for the first time, and what a time saver!” said April Klabon of The Xcite Group.  

“Saw it and love it. Played with it today,” remarked Heather Harrington, Senior Vice President of Marketing for vehicle marketplace, RumbleOn. Agencies and brands alike have been excited by the automation Pattern89’s latest release has provided, along with several other major software releases this quarter.

Publications like Forrester’s Predictions 2019: Artificial Intelligence have stated, “the speed of media buying and optimization that’s become necessary to keep up with modern consumer demands means marketers must move faster from buying to measurable results to thoughtful action.” With this in mind, Pattern89 is hoping to make its adoption easier than ever. The release of the “Do This For Me Button” follows Pattern89’s entrance into AI for Google Ad optimization and their Creative Planner expansion, which uses AI to analyze years of creative performance to inform future ad development.

“With these latest releases, marketers are implementing true artificial intelligence by commanding autonomous action to take place in their advertising ecosystem. It’s literally the ability to access holistic data and let the machine help you flawlessly execute in seconds what normally takes hours each day,” said Jeff Cunning, Vice President of Product and Partnerships at Pattern89. “In the AI space where complexity and incomprehensible tech jargon is everywhere, we are working at Pattern89 to bring things down to earth and deliver value to people in a way that’s simple to understand and even easier to take advantage of. We think the “Do This For Me” button is firing on all cylinders.

About Pattern89

Pattern89 combines the power of AI with unprecedented Facebook, Instagram and Google advertiser data to help brands discover the ad elements that most impact digital ad performance. By identifying successful patterns in companies’ ad data and analyzing the results to hone future campaigns, Pattern89 keeps brands’ digital advertising up-to-date and maximized for performance. For more information, visit


Nick Tarant, Chief Revenue Officer