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E-commerce Brands: What Creative Will Win This Holiday Season?

Bridget Johnston September 14, 2020

Marketing has always been a bit of a guessing game. While you can study metrics all day long, marketers for e-commerce brands have always had to trust their instincts on what creative will work.

While the marketing world still needs this creative intuition, artificial intelligence is removing uncertainty from the equation. By analyzing billions of advertiser data points on a daily basis, Pattern89 is able to predict what creative will work for your brand, before campaigns begin.

The Q4 Creative Forecast Report has 10+ pages of data-backed creative predictions for advertisers this holiday season. A couple of highlights are below, and you can download the full report here, for free. 

Beware of best practices.

Despite best practices being “for the best,” they actually lead to average performance. If everyone else is hopping on a trend bandwagon, it might be best to avoid it. Instead, lean into creative that will perform best for your brand. 

So what best practices aren’t leading to top performance, according to Pattern89?

  • Include one person in your ads, max. AI shows that the optimal number of faces in Facebook ads is either zero or one. These numbers have the lowest CPC. 
  • Nix the testimonials. Customer testimonials are cost-prohibitive. Throughout 2020, ads with testimonials are significantly more expensive than ads without them.
  • Don’t depend on hashtags. Including hashtags in ads is risky business. While they can help ads perform better, using them can prove to be volatile. Lately, they’ve been significantly more costly.

The biggest retail season is coming. What creative will win? 

Every holiday season has its own unique creative trends and special offers. For example, imagery with the highest CTR in Q4’s 2019 contained ski boots, ice skating, and snowmen. Top-performing colors, in terms of CPC, were orange and maroon.

However, none of these trends are projected to win big this year.

Pattern89 predicts that imagery of candles, holiday trees and gloves will see the largest uptick in CTR, in terms of holiday creative. In terms of CPC, the best colors will be teal, purple and green.

This upcoming holiday season seems like it will be unpredictable. Instead of worrying about what will connect with potential customers, marketers at e-commerce brands can use AI to predict success and boost campaign metrics.

Predict what will work for your campaigns.

While these trends outlined above cover all industries, your brand has its own unique creative trends. Want to know what they are? Sign up for a platform review and see Pattern89 in action with your own data.

What will work for e-commerce retailers in q4 2020?

Download the full Q4 Creative Forecast Report for free.