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eTail Holiday Report 2019: Marketing AI is Needed for Online Retailers

Bridget Johnston July 8, 2019

July is the time for online retailers to begin working on their holiday campaigns. eTail just published their 2019 Holiday Report, detailing the trends and predictions for how retailers will drive holiday sales. 

The report’s findings make the case for implementing marketing AI right now. You can download the full report here, and you can check out our summary below.

Marketing AI is Needed Right Now

As of July 2019, 15% of all retail sales are through e-commerce. This is continuing to trend upward. 

With ever-increasing sales, comes a need for online retailers to stay competitive. Adopting new tech is the solution many are relying on. 59% of online retailers say they will introduce new technologies to present products to customers during the 2019 holiday season.

eTail Holiday Report 2019

eMarketer, another online retail resource, predicts that nearly 50% of marketers will adopt AI and machine learning in 2019 alone. This means that leveraging the data analysis, audience insights and creative enhancements discovered by AI will be one of the largest trends used for this holiday season. 

AI Manages Marketing Costs

Managing increasing advertising costs is a huge challenge for online retailers. 59% of them told eTail that this is their top challenge of the year. 

eTail Holiday Report 2019

With the help of AI though, advertisers can discover the biggest ways to save costs on their campaigns, while still increasing results. Pattern89’s AI alerts users how to update ad placement, audience analysis and creative concepts, so they can decrease spend and maximize results. Many of these updates can be made with the click of a button.

AI Will Help Online Retailers Reach Customers

According to eTail’s research, 40% of retailers report that reaching their target audiences is their biggest challenge in 2019. 

eTail Holiday Report 2019

Because AI analyzes billions of consumer data points, it is able to determine how marketers can most effectively interact with their target audiences. Pattern89’s AI provides the most in-depth analysis of customer behaviors for advertisers on Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

If you’d like to see what AI will do for your campaigns for free, you can get a free ad assessment. It will analyze over 2,900 dimensions of each of your ads, reporting on what works best for your brand.