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Ethics in Marketing AI: A Wall Street Journal Feature

Bridget Johnston June 18, 2019

Our team of data scientists has committed to creating AI with an ethical focus. Because of this commitment, the Pattern89 data science team has been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

The feature discusses how teams are focusing on eliminating potential biases embedded in algorithms that power AI systems. It paints a picture of how Pattern89– whose AI needs to have a thorough understanding of imagery used in Facebook and Instagram ads— is finding ways to combat bias in image analysis practices.

Mark Clerkin, who leads the Pattern89 data science team, describes his team’s efforts in building and monitoring their algorithms to eliminate biases in race, religion, and more. Combating these biases in early stages of development is a priority. Following ethical guidelines for AI operations, adhering to a set of best practices and having open communication about algorithmic outputs are crucial for his team’s commitment to ethical AI development.

The piece also includes examples of how venture-capital firms and tech accelerators are prioritizing ethics in early development stages. Like Pattern89, these companies are committing themselves to producing AI that eliminates bias and promotes transparency.