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Executive AI Summit Shares Insights on the Future of Marketing AI

Bridget Johnston January 28, 2020

Indiana University, Pattern89 and High Alpha bring together thought leaders in AI, marketing and academia to educate, collaborate and innovate. 

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 28, 2020) – Last week, Indiana University (IU), Indianapolis-based Pattern89 and venture studio High Alpha hosted an artificial intelligence (AI) summit with world-leading AI experts and researchers and senior enterprise marketers to collaborate on the future of AI in academia and business, collaborate on its real-world uses, and to tour the country’s fastest university-owned supercomputer facility, Big Red 200

The first half of the event featured IU vice presidents and professors addressing the state of AI, AI ethics, and insights into today’s supercomputer capabilities. Following the tour of Big Red 200, attendees participated in a panel discussion of AI applications, followed by dinner with Indiana University Masters and PhD students.

R. J. Talyor, Founder and CEO of Pattern89, was motivated by the excitement and interest in AI throughout the day. “One of the biggest takeaways from our Executive AI Summit was how we can continue to work more closely with marketers to demystify AI and educate on its practical uses,” he said. “By guiding marketers and giving them tools, tips and tricks to navigate this tech, we can make AI that much more approachable – and that much smarter with new data and new uses.” 

The Executive AI Summit hosted senior enterprise marketers from nationally recognizable Indianapolis-based retail, manufacturing and healthcare brands to learn how AI can be utilized by their companies in marketing campaigns, customer-acquisition projects and more. 

Co-founder and managing partner of High Alpha, Scott Dorsey, noted the impact AI will have on creative thinking when marketers find the right partners: “We are just starting to learn how the intersection of marketing and AI can create enhanced consumer experiences and superior results for the marketer. Pattern89 is leading the way by putting enormous computational strength in the hands of the creative marketer.”

The summit also touched upon the importance of data and analysis in AI implementation to draw meaningful conclusions. Pattern89 has a vast dataset to analyze, measure and predict on more than 2,900 ad features every day. Customers can optimize ad performance in real time and accurately predict what ad components will drive the biggest results and boost ROI in just a few clicks.

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