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Facebook Ad Life Cycles: How Long Will Creative Last?

Bridget Johnston November 16, 2020

The life cycle of any creative varies from campaign to campaign. 

Artificial intelligence has discovered that while creative lifecycles are getting longer in practice, marketers need to make them shorter in order to stay relevant. 

Defining the Creative Life Cycle 

Lifecycles vary in length, depending on objectives, industries and content. Marketers know how long campaigns usually last…but do you know how long they should last?

While the average creative lifecycle is 36 days, top-performing ad campaigns update creative every 10.4 days. 

This tells us that after 10.4 days, consumers grow weary of repetitive creative and begin to disengage with campaigns. Marketers need to be proactive with Facebook campaign creative and update content more frequently.

How to Extend Your Facebook Ad Life Cycles

With this shortened campaign timeline, marketers have even less time and money to spare. Rather than using those resources on old-school practices like A/B testing, marketers need to predict what creative is most likely to reach their objectives. 

By analyzing historic advertising data for their brand and others, advertisers can ensure they’re making the best creative decisions for their campaigns before they begin. AI also helps maintain peak performance for in-flight ads, so you can focus on what creative to use for future campaigns.

Analyzing and understanding your ad data will make the most of your creative life cycle by:

  • Predicting what creative– including copy, colors, imagery and more– are expected to provide the highest returns for their audiences and objectives.
  • Keeping in-flight ads performing well, by continuously monitoring and optimizing targeting and spend, based on consumer behaviors.
  • Discovering the creative parameters your next campaign should adhere to, in order to reach its objectives. 

The World is Changing Quickly. Are You Ready? 

We’ve seen creative trends change rapidly throughout 2020. If 2021 follows suit in any way, this will only speed up. 

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Facebook ad life cycles: How long should yours be?

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