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Facebook ad performance booster: AI’s mobile color insights

Bridget Johnston March 5, 2020

Facebook ad performance low? The right colors choices can turn your campaigns around. Really! Every small creative decision has an impact on your Facebook ad returns. 

In fact, up to 47% of performance is due to creative choices. That’s why we’ve built an AI tool that helps marketing teams and Facebook ad managers determine what creative choices to make, including what colors to feature in their ads. These accurate data-backed predictions will drive performance and increase engagement. 

Facebook Ad Targeting Tip: Color Conscious Mobile Marketing

AI can help marketers avoid a Facebook ad performance decline by making accurate creative predictions before ads run. It can predict performance-enhancing adjustments for 2,900 different ad dimensions, placements and more. 

This means that AI knows which colors will perform best for your brand on mobile vs. desktop.

With only a 70% color overlap in trending palettes for both mobile and desktop, it’s critical to design with the right colors for a thumbscroll. A desktop engagement will likely require different hues. Our AI found that top-performing colors over the last 6 months were (#C0C0C0, #FFFFFF, #404040, #000000, #808080) across both desktop and mobile. Use these colors for both mobile and desktop mediums, and plan separate color palettes for peak platform-specific performance. 

Be conscious of color choice. Mobile ads need different colors for top Facebook ad performance.

These 5 shades were top-performers for both mobile and desktop ads over Q4 2019 and Q1 2020.

Break Your Facebook Ad Color Code Today

The hues you include (and exclude) from ads could make or break a campaign. AI is now able to predict what colors will drive performance for your funnels, audiences, products and more.

Download our AI-driven report “The Color Code” to learn more about the connections between color and performance.

Improve Facebook ad performance with AI-driven color tips

And if you’d like to take a deeper dive into AI, and learn what colors will drive performance for you, get a free Facebook ad color audit.