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Facebook Ad Performance Tip: AI insights for Dynamic ads

Ellie Ball March 18, 2020

Facebook ads not performing? AI has answers for dynamic Facebook ads.

Your Facebook ads are impacted by the smallest creative choices. Even your choice in color can change your campaign’s performance. 

In fact, up to 47% of performance is due to creative choices. That’s why we’ve built an AI tool that helps creative teams and Facebook ad managers determine what colors to include in their marketing. A data-backed analysis of billions of creative advertiser data points has determined what colors are currently driving performance and increasing engagement.

Facebook ad targeting tip: Choose color wisely for dynamic ads

AI can help marketers improve dynamic Facebook ad performance by making data-backed creative predictions before ads run. AI predicts top-performing creative decisions for 2,900 different ad dimensions. 

This means that AI knows which colors will perform best for your dynamic Facebook ads.

Facebook ads rely heavily on images and color. Only 20% of your ad can contain copy, this means you have to rely on color and imagery to drive clicks. What’s more color in your ads impacts people’s emotions. Choosing the right colors will get your ads more attention.

As you implement dynamic ads, keep color in mind as one of the factors that drives results. Every brand has different top-performing colors, and only AI can determine yours.

Keep your Facebook ads Trendy and Seasonal

The best performing colors are constantly changing. In fact, only 20% of the best performing colors over the last 4 months are still effective! 

Frequently changing up your colors will maintain your ad performance.

With Spring approaching, changing up your colors will help you stay on top of new color trends. Even the season influences color performance. The top-performing colors in January and December had an 85% overlap, indicating a specific trend in colors for the winter season. Choosing the right colors for spring will only boost your Facebook ad’s results.

Facebook ads not performing? AI has answers for dynamic Facebook ads.

These three shades have been top performers over the last 4 months. 

Break the Facebook ad Color Code

The hues you include (and exclude) from ads could make or break a campaign. AI is now able to predict what colors will drive performance for your funnels, audiences, products and more.

Download our AI-driven report “The Color Code” to learn more about the connections between color and performance.

Improve Facebook ad performance with AI-driven color tips

And if you’d like to take a deeper dive into AI, and learn what colors will drive performance for you, get a free Facebook ad color audit.