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Facebook Ad Performance Tip: AI Insights for Image and Video

Ellie Ball March 18, 2020


AI Strengthens Facebook Ads: Video vs. Imagery

Digital ads are built from thousands of different elements. Each element impacts your ad performance. One key element of your ad performance is color. Color can make or break your Facebook ad campaigns.

In fact, up to 47% of performance is due to creative choices. That’s why our marketing AI tool has determined what colors to include in ad imagery and video. A data-backed analysis of billions of creative advertiser data points has determined what colors are currently driving performance and increasing engagement.

Facebook ad targeting tip: Decide digital ad colors with data

You’ve probably searched for digital ad best practices, so you know digital ads can feel like a lot of guesswork. Every single element in your ad affects your marketing results. Imagine having answers for one key element in your ad: color.   

How do colors improve your digital ad performance?

Colors are the first thing people perceive from your ad! Attract them to your product with the colors they want to see. According to Small Business Trends, 84.7% of consumers say that color is a primary reason for making a purchase. That is to say that the colors in your ads images or videos are driving most of your sales.  

With the help of AI, you can know which colors are going to get your product the most conversions! AI collects billions of data points and makes determinations about what drives results for you. And it can show you what colors drive performance for video or image-based ads. 

As digital ads continue to dominate marketing strategies, keep color in mind as one of the factors that drives results. Every brand has different top-performing colors, and only AI can determine yours.

Lighten your videos, Darken your images

While certain colors have been proven to drive results like Pantone color of the year “Classic Blue”, color preference works differently in different settings. 

The colors that work for images don’t always work for videos. Darker colors, like greys and blacks, have improved performance more for images. In contrast, light colors such as whites or pinks are boosting video performance. 

The colors that perform well in motion aren’t the same as the ones that get conversions at a stand-still. Keeping up with differences in color performance for different media types will give your ads, whether they’re video or images, the best results.

These darker shades perform best for images while the lighter shades perform best for videos.

Break the Facebook ad Color Code

The hues you include (and exclude) from ads could make or break a campaign. AI is now able to predict what colors will drive performance for your funnels, audiences, products and more.

Download our AI-driven report “The Color Code” to learn more about the connections between color and performance.

Improve Facebook ad performance with AI-driven color tips

And if you’d like to take a deeper dive into AI, and learn what colors will drive performance for you, get a free Facebook ad color audit.