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Facebook Ad Trends: Top 5 Right Now

Bridget Johnston May 21, 2020

Here’s a quick rundown of AI’s Facebook ad trends for this week.


Facebook ad creative trends change quickly.

Top marketers need to update their creative every 10 days, in order to stay ahead.

To help you know what’s working right now, Pattern89’s AI analyzed more than 49,000 creative dimensions of more than 150 billion ads. It found:

  1. The Call of the Wild: Camping imagery is  up 530% in popularity, when compared to this time last year.
  2. Try At-Home Workouts: CPC for copy using the word “gym” is up 200% from this time last year. But CPC for gym imagery is down 66%.
  3. Need a Break? CPC for vacation-themed imagery has risen 119% this year. Meanwhile, popularity for vacation-themed imagery is down 64%.
  4. Cheers?! Compared to May of 2019… The word “bar” in copywriting has decreased 85%. CPC for images of restaurants has fallen 77%.
  5. Changed Vacation Plans: CPC of zoo imagery has risen 61% this May. CPC of copy containing the word “changes” is up 202% this month.

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