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Facebook Video Ads: What’s Today’s Top Creative Content?

Ellie Ball April 20, 2020

Do you know what is performing best for your Facebook video ads? Streaming has been on the rise for a while now, but with all of us staying in demand has jumped even more. 

We know you should use 2:1 photo to video ratio in your ads, and streaming is hot right now. But what else works for videos on Facebook and Instagram? 

Don’t be afraid to catch your customer’s eye with our AI-backed insights for your next video ads. 

Our screens are shrinking.

With all of us stuck inside, having time to stream our favorite shows is easier than ever. It’s no surprise that technology’s popularity is on the rise in Facebook and Instagram ads. 

These trends do seem to be focusing on smaller screens. 

  • Imagery of iPhones has risen 2,853% from this time last year. 
  • On the other hand imagery of TVs has dropped 83% from last year. 

Even though we have more time to stream videos right now, advertisers have left the TV screen behind. 

Your TV is more expensive than your phone? 

Even though many TV monitors are more affordable than smartphones, the reality is different if you’re an advertiser.

  • Image CPC for TV has risen 497%, in comparison to this time last year. 
  • Image CPC for iPhone has also fallen 70% for this time period.

One of our recent data studies discovered that imagery of phones is becoming ever-more popular in ads, due to our socially distanced lifestyles. 

The first rule of phones in ads? Don’t talk about phones in ads.

While showing off iPhones in your ads may save your budget some money, mentioning iPhones in your copywriting sure won’t.

  • The CPC for ads containing the word “iPhone” has gone up 254% from last year.

Despite reports that some advertisers are slowing down their ad efforts, many are remaining steady or ramping up advertising efforts. Making the right content choices for your ads, and still choosing to advertise, can be the best move for your brand right now.

AI will find your best Facebook video ad insights.

No matter what’s happening in the world, taking a deeper look ad data creates better connections with customers. With consumers spending more time online than ever, there is more data for your brand to benefit from. Use it to your advantage! 

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