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How Formstack Beats the Clock with Quantifi

Sharmin Kent March 19, 2018

Creating a high-performing social ads program usually requires a substantial time investment. And Amanda West-Bookwalter, Formstack’s digital media marketing specialist, needs all the extra time she can get.

“I’m in charge of all our paid media: AdWords, Bing and paid social,” she said. Amanda’s job requires her to build and test ads across social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s a lot of different social ad elements to keep track of, which meant she spent most of her time generating reports to track social ad performance. Amanda needed a solution that would allow her to create social ads quickly and track performance easily.

She was introduced to Quantifi by her immediate supervisor and was immediately interested. “I was surprised I could create and measure everything in a single place,” Amanda said. “I usually have all my platform tabs open on a browser to run reports. So anything that cuts down on reporting time is a good thing!”

After implementing Quantifi with a Digital Marketing Strategist, Amanda discovered how to create a single ad to run across social platforms, track ad performance and run reports–all from Quantifi’s interface. “Setting it up was a joint effort,” she said. “I also gave feedback on the experience and how our campaigns are going.

For Amanda, these benefits stood out most:

  • Time savings
  • Organization
  • Performance tracking
  • CPC decrease of more than 35%

“We produce more ads now,” Amanda said. “We also spend much more time on creative.” Having a solution that automates and accelerates social ad creation helped her get buy-in from Formstack’s designer. “Now, we spend much less time on reporting and use that extra time to produce more design and creative for our ads.” Quantifi also gives Amanda the power to see which ads perform best and which don’t. “Before Quantifi, we’d make and ad and let it sit for months at a time.” Ad testing was a much bigger time commitment–but now Amanda can test several ads at a time.

Using Quantifi has transformed the way Formstack generates, tracks and tests ads, and gives Amanda the time she needs to excel at her job. Future uses include testing carousel ads in Facebook and testing even more creative options. “It’s great to have a platform that’s specifically designed for ad testing. It means I can do more of what I like–being creative and trying new things.”

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