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Getty Images: What does the creative future look like?

Bridget Johnston December 3, 2020

Look back at this day, one year ago. Things were so different. 

Considering all the changes that 2020 has brought, of course, we’ve seen changes in creativity. Our processes and how we conceptualize campaigns have both evolved. The creative that consumers resonate with has changed vastly and rapidly. 

Technology is making predictions about what is ahead… And marketing leaders are seeing our creative future with optimism.

2021’s Creative Prediction from Getty Images

Creative leaders are excited to see what lies ahead next year. Dr. Rebecca Swift, the Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images, is one of those leaders who is looking forward to how creative thinking will evolve. Swift says:

“In 2021, I predict that creative ideas will flourish… Social restrictions have narrowed briefs and our thinking has had to adapt, meaning both domestically and professionally, our creative brains have had a kickstart.”

What does this mean for marketers and advertisers? And how are we already seeing these changes develop? 

What Has the Creative Kickstart Looked Like?

Our creative kickstart began in the Spring. Since March, we’ve seen the creative advertisers and consumers embrace change rapidly.

For example, almost immediately upon the first shut-downs in the United States, Facebook advertising campaigns exploded with imagery of hand-washing, doctors and nurses, and face masks. A timeline in the 2021 Creative Forecast shows how quickly these creative trends came and went.

Understand the creative future by observing the creative past.

In fact, in a blog on March 24, Pattern89 CEO and Founder R. J. Talyor said:

“If art imitates life, then we’ll see a wave of pandemic-inspired poems, books, movies, and television series in the years to come. But there are more abrupt changes showing up now. And artificial intelligence (AI) can spot them in real-time–using social ads as our bellwether.

Of course, social ads aren’t considered high art, but Instagram and Facebook creative certainly do display the most real-time creative response to our current situation.”

This ties in with the thoughts of Dr. Swift very well. No matter what happens over the course of the next year, the fastest way to see creative changes in our world will be through social media.

What really is in our creative future? 

While we will likely get tons of new novels, movies and artworks as a result of the pandemic, new advertising practices are already established.

For example, because we’re spending more time inside and online, marketing creative is going stale faster than ever. Marketers need to adapt by releasing new creative at a quicker pace– every 10.4 days, to be exact. Real-time, fast paced creative responses to our world are leaning on AI, in order to speed up our processes and predict winning creative. 

As we continue shifting our practices and cultural outlooks, new technologies will support creative ideas, and ultimately help creatives themselves flourish… no matter the circumstances.


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