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Go Daddy-O: A Father’s Day Creative Forecast

Bridget Johnston June 7, 2021

Bust out the white New Balance sneakers and crack open an ice cold beer. Father’s Day is almost here! 

Across the board, eMarketer tells us that digital ad spending is up 20.4% when compared to 2020. With this year’s increase in ad spend, vaccine rollouts and returns to pre-pandemic life, we expect to see some big differences in creative trends.

Let’s take a look at the Father’s Day Creative Forecast to see what marketing teams are going all-in on in for this year’s holiday. If you’d like to get a comprehensive look at this summer’s trends, download the new 2021 Creative Forecast here. 

This Year’s Best Father’s Day Campaigns

This year’s Father’s Day campaigns range from being humorous to sentimental. 

For example, Miller Lite and New Balance teamed up to create “first-ever shoe-meets-koozie.” This dad shoe beer koozie is crafted from the same materials used for the New Balance 624 Trainer. The iconic shoe has been showing up in memes over the last few years, with people claiming every dad owns a pair. 

Father's day ads reflect the popular meme.

An example of the New Balance dad shoe meme.


Father's day ads in 2021 can be quirky, funny and meme-inspired.

Some of the creative from the Miler Lite and New Balance ad collaboration.

But beyond the jokes of the Miller Lite and New Balance collaboration, we’re seeing other brands embrace the sentimentality of being a father, raising children, and going against cliches. A Gillette ad shows a father teaching his transgender son how to shave. Google’s “Dear Sophie” commercial tells us the story of a father taking a very active role in writing down his daughter’s story. 

This mix of levity and tear-jerking tones gives opportunity for advertisers to embrace creative variety. 

What’s Trending for Father’s Day Ads? 

Pattern89 looked across digital advertising trends in 2020 and 2021. When specifically analyzing Father’s Day creative trends, it found the following copywriting trends: 

  • 👟 has gone up 161% in popularity this year.
  • However, the word “sneakers” has gone down 86% in popularity.
  • The word “grill” in body copy has gone up 213% in popularity.
  • The word “dad” has gone up 35% in popularity in body copy. 

And just like The 2021 Creative Forecast predicted, imagery of gardening has increased 101% in use. Gardening specifically fits into the trend of showcasing outdoor and leisure activities that consumers are engaging with.

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