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How to Go for the Gold When Your Competitors Are Ahead

Bridget Johnston June 18, 2021

Let’s break down some stats.

  • 52% of marketers said marketing AI is very important or critically important to their success this year.
  • 81% of marketers who are currently applying AI say it is helping them accelerate revenue and get more actionable insights from marketing data.
  • Over 50% of marketing performance is driven by creative. 

These statistics, which come from The Marketing AI Institute and Neilsen respectively, indicate that AI is already essential in the marketing world… and that it provides the opportunity to drive revenue through creative. 

Are you one of the 52% of marketing competitors already depending on AI? 

Or are you one of the 48% trailing behind? 

your marketing competitors are already using AI

Forbes isn’t taking AI-powered marketing lightly.

Don’t Believe the AI Hype? Here’s What You Need to Know. 

There are still opportunities to catch up, but only if you embrace data to guide your decision making. 

This is especially helpful when overcoming the obstacles put in place by iOS 14 and the end of third party cookies. With predictive analytics, marketers are able to lean into their creative strengths, with accurate insights into future performance. 

This technology is not just critical, but groundbreaking. That’s why Forbes says: 

“AI powered creative takes the guesswork out of advertising development. Brands can test infinite combinations of advertising copy, visuals, music and calls to action at the micro-targeting level.”

So how is Pattern89 contributing to this new world of martech?

Creative Insights: The Pattern89 AI Solution 

With Pattern89’s new Creative Insights release, marketers can predict winning creative—such as colors, copy parameters, videos and imagery— and identify creative risks before campaigns begin. Predictive AI means you can determine your best creative decisions across 49,000 ad dimensions, before spending. 

With a 360 look at your campaigns, Pattern89 unlocks the truth behind your brand’s creative:

  • Strengths: Learn what’s working best for your campaigns, so you can keep it up.
  • Weaknesses: What can be improved and why? Get direction to boost performance.
  • Opportunities: What ad adjustments will enhance campaign performance? See how to make them in a click. 
  • Threats: Get actionable insights into the creative decisions that are hurting campaign performance.

To get the whole truth behind your creative performance, and to get ahead of your marketing competitors, try Pattern89’s creative AI for your next campaign.