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Happy 3rd Birthday, Pattern89!

Bridget Johnston June 11, 2020

I installed an oversized ruler upstairs at our house where we mark the height of our children on each of their birthdays. After cake and candles, our kids march up, put their backs flat against the ruler, and my wife uses a paint pen to mark the top of their heads. 

It’s a joke now (because we do it EVERY time), but it’s amazing to step back and see how they’re growing year over year. The yellow, red and blue notches creep up the ruler at various intervals, pacing their physical growth–but they tell a story of the other ways we’ve all grown over the years. 

It’s been three years since we launched Pattern89. Since the beginning, we’ve aimed to help marketers experiment with creativity. Though a business’ growth isn’t measurable by making marks on a wall, I have been able to see us grow in some pretty amazing ways. 

Our core values, which were established when Pattern89 was founded, have kept us on the right track. These values that guide us are…

Do what’s in the best interest of the team. 

This is as straightforward as it sounds. If we commit to taking care of ourselves, we’re also taking care of one another. Our team is a family, and it’s important to respect and support each other, no matter what.


Being open and honest is the best policy. Sometimes, this means that difficult conversations need to happen, but through these challenges, comes growth. 

Experimentation without the fear of failure. 

Sometimes, the most impactful lessons are learned through failing. Whether a project succeeds or not, we always look at it as an opportunity. Instead of getting frustrated and asking, “why did I do it that way?” we ask ourselves, “what can I learn from this experience?”

Build a company that represents the country.

The only way to have the best perspective is by striving to include all perspectives. Representation matters, and we are committed to hiring a team of diverse experiences, races and genders. As we continue growing, we are aiming to improve our inclusivity of new, talented voices. 

Speed over completeness.

The AI solution we’ve created is new. In fact, there’s nothing else like it to ever exist. As we grow our technology and team, we are doing so quickly and ethically, while pushing new boundaries. Our main objective is to create something new and useful, while making our customers’ lives easier.

Every Wednesday, our team gathers for an all-staff meeting. Before we dive into discussions of projects, problems or progress, we review our core values. It’s become our Wednesday ritual to center ourselves and think about how these values manifest themselves as we grow.

Much like my kids’ measurements on the wall at home, these values are symbolic of what we’ve achieved over these past three years– and how we’ll continue to become the best company we can be.