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Here’s why our marketing AI is SUCH a Gemini.

Bridget Johnston July 1, 2019

It was created during Gemini Season, and trust us, our latest marketing AI release is such a Gemini. Here are the ways our time-saving updates and intuitive AI were destined to reflect what is written in the stars.

Geminis Break the Routine

People can get stuck in ruts, but a Gemini will not. Just as its star sign indicates, Pattern89’s Gemini Release breaks routines by saving marketers hours of time every week.

Do you spend hours implementing updates in Ads Manager? Click our Do This For Me Button, and Pattern89 will instantly complete them.

Does it take an afternoon to create reports on your ad performance? Click the Export Report button, and Pattern89’s marketing AI will create a thorough, presentation-ready report for you!

Do you sink time digging into data, trying to analyze how your creative is performing? Click our Matching Media button, and you’ll be able to see all your creative stack-ranked, in order of performance, with combined analytics across each individual ad ID.

Geminis Learn Quickly

The ability to learn quickly is a famous trait of people born during Gemini Season. Our latest AI release follows suit. It learns billions of things every day!

On a daily basis, our AI looks at and learns from billions of advertiser data points. Because it analyzes data daily, it learns the latest trends in advertising and customer engagement. Pattern89’s super-fast data analysis allows it to learn about trends and behaviors faster than any human– or team of humans– ever could.

Geminis Are Adaptable

Customers in very different industries have been asking for Gemini’s features. The Gemini Release features can be adapted by any industry. Both online retailers and agencies  have been finding value in Pattern89’s AI, and Gemini delivers even more time-saving features these customers have asked for.

Geminis Can’t Be Confined

Just like real Geminis, Pattern89’s AI is always growing and changing. It has always helped marketers increase ROI and save time with their Facebook and Instagram ads. Throughout 2019 though, our AI will be expanding to include Google Ads, and Gemini’s most time-saving features will be expanding too.

So are you ready to change up your routine, save your team loads of time, and get assistance from advertising’s smartest AI? You can give Pattern89 a try for free for two weeks. And you can learn more about Gemini here!