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How Constellation Helps Marketers Reach for the Stars

Jeff Cunning October 9, 2017

by Jeff Cunning

Social media marketing isn’t as simple as just posting statuses. On one hand, marketers have access to more customer data than ever before, giving them valuable information about their target audiences.

On the other hand, today’s marketers have to navigate a galaxy of data points to find value–a seemingly impossible challenge without the right tools to help wade through and derive insights from it. Not every marketer has the time or resources it takes to experiment and generate data to make informed decisions.

That’s where our Constellation data co-op comes in. Constellation’s engine is driven by machine learning to deliver the most relevant insights and recommendations for creating social ads.

Here’s how it works: Constellation uses thousands of data points collected across digital ad campaigns from all industries. The data is collected anonymously, providing both privacy and valuable insights to marketers. We use machine learning to sift through the data and surface the factors that correlate most strongly to success. The resulting recommendations offer a roadmap toward successful ads across channels, audiences and creative treatments.

But that’s just one element of what sets Quantifi apart: we also coach marketers through ad campaign setup and experimentation. We offer coaching in two ways. Quantifi’s chat workflow provides information like the most efficient day of the week to run a campaign, the highest performing social channels for achieving specific goals, and the best calls-to-action to maximize conversions. Customers also have access to our digital marketing experts who help them get the most out of Quantifi through consultation and advice.

But social media advertising moves faster than the average human. That’s why Quantifi customers can also view data-driven insights for every single experiment they run, revealing audience, channel and creative suggestions to help tweak ads and deliver better results.

Want to learn more about Quantifi and how Constellation can help your social ads reach the stars? Click here to start a conversation with one of our social ad experts.