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How the CMO Should Scale Up in the Age of Data

Bridget Johnston January 11, 2021

The work of a CMO is a blend of experience, testing and making bold choices. While working toward both objectives of revenue generation and cost reduction, CMOs often ensure their teams meticulously study audiences and perform A/B testing on campaigns.

At least, that was the way of the CMO. But in 2021, data science and artificial intelligence are going to make their jobs a little easier, and their metrics significantly more impressive. 

Here’s how. 

Say Goodbye to the Educated Guess.

Q: How long would it take you to understand any brand’s historic Facebook data?

A: Your entire lifetime… and then some. 

Fortunately for marketing teams today, artificial intelligence can understand it all in minutes. 

This means that everyone– from creatives to performance marketers– can harness the power of data to understand the optimal next moves to make for their campaigns. 

Every day, artificial intelligence is analyzing every advertiser account and user interaction. Pattern89’s AI combs through all this data, in order to help marketing teams predict what will work for upcoming and in-flight campaigns. With its insights, Pattern89 users can:

  • Understand the entirety of their historic ad data, and know what will and won’t pay off for future campaigns.
  • Predict what creative– including copy, colors, imagery and more– are expected to provide the highest returns for their audiences and objectives.
  • Keep in-flight ads performing well, by continuously monitoring and optimizing targeting and spend, based on consumer behaviors.

Thanks to the 95%+ accuracy of artificial intelligence, CMOs and their teams can remove processes that rely on gut feelings, tried-and-true methods, and educated guesses. 

Data is delivering marketers the insights they need to know what will drive performance for themselves or their clients. 

Data Will Help You Scale Up. 

Often times, people make decisions based on gut feelings or what’s worked previously. Given 2021’s unpredictability, the latest opt-in options for iOS users, and the combination of increasing demands and decreasing budgets, today’s CMO is faced with the challenge of still driving higher revenue demands.

The most accurate, dependable way of ensuring your marketing scales up to meet new goals is by trusting in artificial intelligence. It can predict winning creative and also keep in-flight campaigns running for maximum impact and engagement. 

For example, artificial intelligence can track in real time what content, targeting adjustments and spending shifts will increase profitability from every campaign. This results in:

Because of AI’s reliability, and Pattern89’s Do The For Me Button, performance marketers can make these updates in a click, in real time. 

If you want to see what Pattern89 can do for your marketing team’s workflow and goals, schedule a demo with one of our product experts. They’ll take you through the product itself and show you how the Pattern89 platform will drive success for your brand. 

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