The Q1 Product Release is here. ✨ Power every creative decision. Never A/B test again.

How to Always Be Right.

Bridget Johnston March 29, 2021

You could always be right. You could only make the best decisions. How is this possible?

With Pattern89’s latest Q1 Product Release, you can understand “the why” behind your creative marketing performance. You’ll get clear direction on what creative decisions drive performance, and which don’t, so campaigns can continuously iterate and improve. 

As the digital marketing world grows more complex, due to increasing privacy restrictions, creative is more important than ever. Here’s a look at how Pattern89 Analyze ensures you only make the best creative decisions.

Get Your Most Impactful Advertising Creative Insights 

Know the best creative moves to make. With the latest updates to Pattern89’s marketing A.I. platform, you’ll see the most impactful creative updates, every time you log in. 

Because Pattern89 can understand and predict creative performance with over 95% accuracy, it surfaces the most impactful creative insights for your brand. This includes an in-depth analysis of creative:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities 
  • Threats 

As our customers take a look at their own brands’ Creative Insights, they’ll understand what’s really working, and what their real threats are. You’ll get an instant take-away on how to improve your marketing campaigns. You’ll also still able to dig into thousands of other creative insights in Analyze.

Understand Everything in Your Advertising Creative

For every ad you run, Pattern89 analyzes 49,000 of its creative dimensions. This means our marketing artificial intelligence evaluates and understands:

  • Image choices – Color use, presence of people, image orientation, what objects can be detected within your image?
  • Video direction – Length of your video, number of scene changes, how many people are in your video and what emotions are the showing? 
  • Copywriting – Character counts, sentiment, tone, keywords to use, emojis and special characters to embrace and avoid
  • Ad details – What placements and formats should you use to get the most impact?  

Because such an in-depth look is taken for each ad, Pattern89 is able to understand impacts on ad performance to very granular levels. 

Generate Reports in a Click

In the click of a single button, Pattern89 can export all of this creative information into a client-ready report. You’ll be able to show your clients– or your boss– exactly what’s happening within your ad campaigns, and why. 

These reports cover any time frame, campaign objective, ad sets, formats and placements. 

If you’d like to try Pattern89’s latest release for yourself, talk with one of our Product Experts. Schedule a demo today to start understanding “the why” behind the winning creative for your next campaign.