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How to Survive and Thrive in Facebook’s “Clear History” Era

Bridget Johnston May 16, 2019

Facebook is making updates that will affect advertisers. Their latest “clear history” announcement might have some in a panic.

Fear not, Facebook advertisers!

We’ve summarized these changes for you and identified a solution to help.

Facebook will allow users to delete important data for advertisers

The social media and advertising giant has recently announced they will be adding a “clear history” option regarding users’ ad data. This means that users of the platform will have the ability to delete data that Facebook gathers from websites and apps outside of Facebook. These updates will make using Facebook Pixel and Custom Audiences increasingly difficult for brands.

Let’s say a user chooses to clear her ad history. Facebook will then be unable to gather data on which brands she’s interested in when she’s surfing the web and directly not on Facebook. As a result, brands will ultimately be unable to target her with advertising methods they’ve previously relied on.

How these new challenges will affect advertisers

For a lot of brands, advertising on Facebook is about to become more challenging. As users select to clear their histories, advertisers will have less access to data.

Because of a new lack of data regarding consumer behaviors, retargeting campaigns are predicted to suffer. Many advertisers rely on retargeting to move consumers through their sales funnels. Moving forward, however, brands advertising on Facebook will need to rely on new tools to maintain their means of communicating with customers.

How to maintain your advertising edge in the “clear history” era

So how can you keep reaching a high volume of customers through Facebook, if many of them are clearing their histories? You need to integrate new tools and techniques to your advertising program.

AI will continue helping advertisers reach consumers throughout their funnels. It will continue to analyze billions of data points on a daily basis to discover how to most effectively target potential customers.

This is especially true regarding the predicted struggles with retargeting campaigns. Pattern89’s AI makes use of Facebook’s in-house targeting capabilities to predict consumer behaviors. Therefore, AI ensures that advertisers will always be able to effectively target potential customers.

Including AI in your advertising strategy will help your brand through Facebook’s upcoming changes. It will help you stay ahead of your competition by identifying what content, creative, and strategies you need to implement to get your ads to be as effective as possible. Here’s why you should trust it to help your brand move forward when targeting customers.