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How Voyager’s Golden Records Inspired Our AI

Bridget Johnston September 24, 2019

NASA’s Voyager missions were sent into space while carrying golden records containing photos, audio recordings and songs. The missions’ intention is to journey further into space than ever before, and to explain life on Earth to extraterrestrial beings. Voyager missions are  a true intersection of art and science

Our latest software release, which was inspired by the Voyager missions, also intersects art and science. It helps marketers understand how to discover their best ad creative, update ad strategy easily, and take their returns further than ever before. You can read more about it here. 

Below is a look at how some of Voyager’s photos inspired Pattern89’s contribution to AI technology.

Voyager Shows Extraterrestrials What We Look Like

One of the big goals of the Voyager missions is to explain what humanity, and life on Earth, is like to other beings in the universe. Voyager’s golden records show what people from around the globe look like, and how we express emotion. AI understands what various emotions look like too, and AI technology is always expanding its understanding of human behavior.

Voyager Showcases Food & Drink

Voyager image of people eating and drinking.

One of the photos on Voyager’s golden records shows how humans consume food and drinks. Our AI already collects data on what foods and drinks perform best for advertising. The fact that an image of food is traveling through interstellar space got us thinking about how AI can take food photography further too. We’re always working to help customers get the most out of their ad photography, which often includes food and drinks. Our latest feature, the Creative Simulator, will be able to identify how different foods will be able to affect ad performance, before an ad is published.

Voyager Showcases Apparel

Just how these images show what clothing and accessories various people wear, AI knows what pieces of apparel will get your ads traction. It takes the understanding of creative composition further than ever, by predicting what pieces of apparel, gemstones, color combinations and more will drive ad returns.

Voyager Is Bringing Creative Insights to Everyone… and Everything

Nobody knows how far the Voyager probes will go into space, or who will someday see them. No matter what though, they are making human creativity understandable and more accessible to the masses. We hope that our advancements in AI and machine learning technology will do this as well for marketers.