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Introducing Custom Conversions

Jeff Cunning February 26, 2018

Measuring return on ad spend is always a challenge. And defining success for specific interactions that are particular to your business don’t always come out of the box. Having the flexibility to measure conversions regardless of your business’s goals or attribution setup is key for marketers.

Quantifi is proud to announce Custom Conversions, our latest metric measuring enhancement. Since Quantifi supports both standard and custom conversion events, marketers can run ad campaigns and track success regardless of their attribution goals or setup. Combined with insights from our Digital Marketing Strategists, our customers have the ability to pinpoint exactly what works in social ad campaigns.

This new feature offers marketing teams the opportunity to build attribution models around their overall goals, instead of a one-size-fits-all model. Track everything from newsletter signups to abandoned shopping carts and nearly everything in between. And because Quantifi is built to make social ads creation easy, adding new conversion events is easy, too. Simply add the conversion events you want to track for each social channel and, when you’re ready to build ads, choose your new conversion events.

Want to learn more about how Custom Conversions can give you an advantage in creating successful ads? Email us at to reach one of our social advertising experts.