Can robots choreograph a ballet? They can’t! ✨ Humans are the true creatives… and AI is here to help.

Introducing Pattern89

R.J. Talyor April 18, 2018

We launched our product in June of 2017 and since then, the paid social landscape has already transformed itself several times over. From new social channels to upheaval on dominant social ad networks, brands and the customers they serve are whipping from change to change and struggling to stay current.

The good news is that there’s a product and a team dedicated to decoding the shifts in social advertising, delivering data-driven insights on paid social campaigns, and helping brands on the cutting edge of social advertising.

I’m excited to introduce you to Pattern89.

Pattern89 is a coaching network that combines the power of AI and campaign automation to help brands discover the best content for paid social.

Why Pattern89?

Scientists have identified 88 constellations in the night sky. Astronomers continue to search for an 89th. At Pattern89, we explore the billions of data points in the paid social universe and help you discover the winning patterns in your own social ad data.

Why are you changing the brand?

Our product thrives by staying responsive to the needs of the market and to our customers. In the months since launching the product, we’ve consistently evolved to anticipate and leverage the trends in paid social. Pattern89 is a manifestation of that evolution: as brands search for the patterns that offer them the best opportunities to win at paid social, we’re there to make their campaigns better through data science. While the methods we use to do it may change, the goal will always remain the same.

What’s new at Pattern89?

A machine learning model with more than 2,400 features that help discover the exact components that drive your paid social success. Plus, an updated console and dozens of new features designed to help marketers every day.

Want to learn more about how Pattern89 help you harness the power of your paid social data? Sign up for a free Pattern89 Data Scorecard today.